Establish your MemberHub site.

First, you need to establish a MemberHub Site.   
Go to  Instructions are on the page. 

If you do not see your CH2V site listed after establishing a log-in, contact MemberHub Support.  Make sure you tell them you represent a CH2V Site.  They will help you establish your organization site at MemberHub. 

Once I have a Site at MemberHub, How do I set up my store?

You will create (or re-create) your store over at MemberHub.  It's actually quite easy, as they have colors, sizes etc. for Spirit Wear and a simple interface to add multip[le items.  You can also use their GiveBack program, or any other eCommerce Module.

How do I connect my CH2V site to MemberHub?

Just create a "Store" link anywhere on your site, and link to your eStore over at MemberHub.   The following organization used their "Store" tab to hold a picture linking to their Store at MemberHub.